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Balloon Death on Android

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This game is now available on Android. It's not yet in the Play Store but feel free to download it here, then you can side-load it to your mobile. This will require you to allow it to be installed from an 'untrusted source', but it's just a game, and doesn't ask for any special permissions anyway, like most other apps.


This game was originaly written in 2000 and was made available as a Java applet, and could be played on this website for many years. Unfortunately applets went out of fashion due to security concerns and recently all modern web browsers have stopped supporting them altogether. However, if you want to see the game in its origial form as an applet, you can if you download this zip file and follow these simple instructions.

The next version of the game was available for mobiles back in 2003, using Java Midlets and J2ME, which has also since gone out of fashion. But now you can get it for Android. Enjoy!!