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Balloon Death

© 2003 JustinTimeGames

Enter the Matrix... If You Dare... How many levels can you climb?
The configuration will always be different, so beware the deadly balloons lurking around. Find the gun before they get to you. Use this as well as shields and speed pills to combat them. Collect tokens for extra points.

Defeat all balloons to proceed to the next level of the Matrix. Each level has more balloons, but more weaponry will be available, all of which can be taken with you as you proceed through the Matrix.

Not to be missed, this is a fast action, highly addictive game, not for the novice...

Available on Nokia 3410, Nokia 3510i/3585/3590/ 8910i/3560/3586i, Nokia 3650, Nokia 6100, Nokia 6310i, Nokia 6610, Nokia 7210, Nokia 7250/7250i, Nokia 7650/N-Gage.