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Mars Mountain Rescue

© 2003 JustinTimeGames

Have you a head for heights and a slick finger? Lets find out! Mars Mountain Rescue is the classic gravity game requiring skill, courage and the space cold nerves of a cryogenic astronaut. Survivors from the inter galactic war are huddling on Mars desperate for rescue... time is running out... can you save them?

Drop from the mother ship and guide your vehicle around the mountains to find the survivors, then hover very close, careful not to crash, so they can jump aboard. As well as being a gravity game, it also has a gambling element.

Collect 25 points for the first survivor, then the points double for each successive one. The points can be banked at any point by taking them up to the mothership.

Crash however, with survivors on board and you lose the points. Double or quits!

Not to be missed, this game is very playable and addictive. Featuring completely different and unique landscapes every time, so no chance of getting bored of the same old scenery, as is often the case with other mobile games.

Available on Nokia 3510i/3585/3590/ 8910i/3560/3586i, Nokia 3650, Nokia 6100, Nokia 6310i, Nokia 6610, Nokia 7210, Nokia 7250/7250i, Nokia 7650/N-Gage.